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Q. Can I view Filamvision TV from?
Q. How can I view your Internet TV programs?
A. You need the following:
1. Computer connected to internet using DSL, Broadband, Cable, or any other high speed connection. (Dialup not recommended)
2. Computer that has video and sound capabilities (PC or MAC)
  3. Software Adobe Macromedia Flash latest version.  You can Download the FREE Flash Player  from  (or Click the Get Adobe Flash Player button on this page) Get the Free Adobe Flash Player
Q. Can you explain the difference between High Speed and Low Speed options to view your programs?
A. Use High Speed option if you connect to the internet using a DSL, Broadband or other Fast connection.  Use Low Speed option if you connect to the internet using a Dial-up connection.

To view movies on this site you need a High Speed connection.
Q. Do I pay to watch your Internet TV shows?
A. No. We do not charge you to view media on this site.  However premium content may be offered on our Pay-Per-View service and it will indicate so before you can view that media.  (We are not responsible for any charges from your internet service provider, phone company, or software you might incur to connect to this site)
Q. Can I be a guest in one of your shows?
A. Its possible. Contact filamvision @ and tell us which program you are interested in and why you should be a guest in that program.
Q. Our organization has a video of our recent event, can you feature our video on Filamvison.TV?
A.  Contact filamvision @ Send us a copy of the video for our editors to review. If its possible we will contact you to proceed.  Among the video categories we can consider are those relating to Filipino American communities, individuals, professionals, artists, musicians, students. These may be awards or recognition given, honors received by students, accomplishments, or anything  that can be included in the news.

All submissions subject to editorial review and acceptance.  (Materials will not be returned. Do NOT send copyrighted materials unless you own the copyright)
Q. Are you affiliated with other online broadcast sites?
A. NO. Our videos are broadcast on only.  You may see some of our earlier promotional videos posted on YouTube and other main sites.
Q. Are you working with other online Filipino video sites or individual sites?
A. NO.  Contact filamvision @ and inform us of your concerns.
Q. I was solicited about being featured on one of your programs, how do I know its with Filamvision Corporation?
A. Any inidividual authorized staff of  Filamvision Corporation  will have a 2009 Staff ID. You must contact filamvision @ and inform us of your concerns.
Q. How can I advertise my company business on your website?
A. Contact filamvision @ with your company contact information. We can assist you in setting up your ad materials.  You can choose online sections or pages where you like your ad to be seen by viewers.  (Note: We do not accept advertisements from restricted sites, spammers, illegal sites, gambling sites, and any other sites deemed unacceptable by our editorial board)
  To use this site read and accept its Terms of Use.

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